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Terms of Service

1. Use of the ILIAS learning platform

The learning platform is operated by Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG and contains exclusively closed areas. It is only available to members and employees. The contents of the learning platform are available to users in accordance with the administration.

The right of use expires automatically upon termination of membership or upon termination of the employment relationship.

2. Copyrights

All copyrights to the content remain with the respective authors. Use in research and teaching, for information, teaching and learning purposes is permitted, as is use (e.g. copying, downloading and printing of content) for private use.

Any duplication (data carriers, printouts and copies on paper or other materials, etc.) and / or their transfer to third parties for commercial purposes during and after the termination of the access authorization is not permitted and will be prosecuted under criminal and civil law. It also leads to the immediate termination of the user authorization. This also applies to making the content accessible to unauthorized third parties (e.g. by passing on the personal password).

3. Privacy

3.1 Data collected, processed and stored

A valid email address is required to register on the ILIAS platform. Furthermore, the details of the first and last name as well as the user name are mandatory. This personal data is stored exclusively to enable the user to access the content and is only carried out for the duration of use.

Data on user behavior on the learning platform are recorded by the system and can be viewed by administrators and authors. The following data is recorded and saved:

• Consent to the user agreement and date of consent

• The permissions or roles of each user name

• For membership in groups and courses: Date of enrollment and learning progress ("Not yet started" / "In progress" / "Processed" / "Failed")

• History data: Date the account was created and by whom (owner), last login and ownership of objects

• When using the automated notification function in groups and courses, the messages sent and received in each case

• In the event of an error and for quality assurance purposes, server logs can be activated and evaluated by the administrators. These contain the name of the retrieved file or page, the date and time of the retrieval, the amount of data transferred, the http status code, the retrieving IP address and the browser type and version

• If necessary, support problems and inquiries are forwarded to a support system at the provider. In addition to the personal data (surname, first name and email address), the date and time of the support ticket creation, the content of the ticket and its processing history as well as the course of further communication on this ticket until the ticket is closed are recorded there (Completion of the request) saved.

3.2 Data storage

The data is stored by a provider in the form of order data processing. A contract corresponding to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in place.

Name and address of the current provider:

Databay AG

Jens-Otto-Krag-Strasse 11

D-52146 Würselen

3.3 Transfer of data to third parties

There is no transfer of data to third parties.

3.4 Data portability

The following data can be transferred from ILIAS by the user:

• The following are portable:

o Profile, own settings (XML)

o Personal notes on the "personal desk"

o Learning levels

• The following can be exported:

o Certificates

o Objects from the personal work space

3.5 data erasure

As soon as the users inform the local administrator of their institution in writing or by email that they are no longer interested in further use, their data will be deleted.

3.6 Notes on cookies

The learning platform is accessed via a browser. In this context, two cookies are written when the current ILIAS version is called up. The cookies are stored on the client (user's browser) and not in ILIAS itself or on the servers of the ILIAS provider. No personal data is written directly into cookies.

3.7 YouTube / Vimeo


We use YouTube on YouTube is a subsidiary of Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, hereinafter referred to as “Google”.

We use YouTube in connection with the "Extended data protection mode" function in order to be able to show you videos. The legal basis is Art. 6 Paragraph 1 lit.f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in improving the quality of our website. According to information provided by YouTube, the "extended data protection mode" function means that the data described in more detail below are only transmitted to the YouTube server when you actually start a video. Without this "extended data protection", a connection to the YouTube server in the USA will be established as soon as you call up one of our Internet pages on which a YouTube video is embedded.

This connection is required in order to be able to display the respective video on our website via your internet browser. In the course of this, YouTube will at least record and process your IP address, the date and time and the website you visited. A connection to the Google “DoubleClick” advertising network is also established.

If you are logged into YouTube at the same time, YouTube will assign the connection information to your YouTube account. If you want to prevent this, you must either log out of YouTube before visiting our website or make the appropriate settings in your YouTube user account.

For the purpose of functionality and to analyze usage behavior, YouTube permanently saves cookies on your device via your Internet browser. If you do not agree to this processing, you have the option of preventing the storage of cookies by setting your Internet browser. You can find more information on this under "Cookies" above.

Google provides further information about the collection and use of data as well as your rights and protection options in this regard in the data protection information available at HTTPS://POLICIES.GOOGLE.COM/PRIVACY.


Our website uses plugins from the video portal Vimeo. The provider is Vimeo Inc., 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011, USA.

If you visit one of our pages equipped with a Vimeo plug-in, a connection to the Vimeo servers will be established. The Vimeo server is informed which of our pages you have visited. Vimeo also obtains your IP address. This also applies if you are not logged in to Vimeo or do not have a Vimeo account. The information recorded by Vimeo is transmitted to the Vimeo server in the USA.

If you are logged into your Vimeo account, you enable Vimeo to assign your surfing behavior directly to your personal profile. You can prevent this by logging out of your Vimeo account.

Further information on the handling of user data can be found in Vimeo's data protection declaration at:

4. Disclaimer of Liability

No responsibility is assumed for content that is directly or indirectly referred to (links) and that are beyond the control of the participants and employees of Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG.

There is no guarantee that the content provided on the learning platform is up-to-date and complete. Liability claims against the authors, the members of Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG and the operators of the learning platform that relate to material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the content presented or the use of incorrect and incomplete Content caused are excluded. Use at your own risk.

5. Others

This user agreement is available online for registered users. It can be changed by Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG at any time, provided this is objectively justified.

By agreeing to this user agreement, the user acknowledges the validity of each individual provision for himself, the validity of each individual provision is not influenced by the validity of other individual provisions. Changes take effect when they are published online. By continuing to use the learning platform, users agree to the changed agreement.

This data protection declaration was created using templates created and made available by DGD Deutsche Gesellschaft für Datenschutz GmbH and

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